With its mix of Afrobeat rhythms and European pop sensibilities, the latest track by Rina Mushonga is a complete emotional and musical tour de force. Have a listen to For A Fool, which will feature on her upcoming album, below.

The song bubbles with hints of Africa in the pacing and arrangement, with the subtle synthwave and electronic undercurrents balanced to perfection. It’s easy on the ear as it quietly seduces the listener, but the vocals lift the song to another level entirely.

Mushonga’s soaring, lush and vocals invite comparisons to artists as diverse as Joni Mitchell and Annie Lennox, with folk, pop and rock inflections given an ethereal if not operatic air, lending an already beautiful song another layer of dreamy sophistication.

Explaining the origins For A Fool, she says; “This is an old love song or rather heart-ache song. Old, in the sense that it was plucked into existence over a period of time- in parts fictional in others less so. In a way it chronicles a betrayed lover tormented by the desire to trust again whilst acknowledging that everything has been tainted and can’t go back to how they were.”

For A Fool is out now and is from her sophomore In A Galaxy album which is released through PIAS on February 15th and will be available on CD, limited edition pink vinyl and digitally via all major outlets.

Now based in London, the Dutch-Zimbabwean artist will be playing The Shacklewell Arms on March 19th. Tickets are on sale now and are available to purchase here.