Robin Hatch is a Toronto-based composer and keyboardist. She says she was previously a hired gun for touring rock bands, but has pivoted to making her own music, releasing three albums last year. Heatstroke features on her most recent album, Noise.

With its intricate and cascading rhythm allied to a very minimal arrangement, Heatstroke is undoubtedly a highly distinct though very pleasing listening experience. That’s in part down to the textured, analogue-sounding warmth of the song, but also Hatch’s vocals. Pitched somewhere between Kate Bush and Natasha Khan, they have an otherworldly but soulful ambience to them that is sure to bewitch you on the very first listen.

Hatch says about Heatstroke, “Lyrically it is about moving forward after the end of a relationship and finding oneself in the same toxic patterns, and sort of the rush of validation that comes with that, and accepting one’s own position in that cycle rather than blaming a partner.”

You can stream or download Noise and Heatstroke on Bandcamp. Head over to her Instagram or Twitter accounts for more listening options, which include Spotify.