New Music: Roni V – Confetti

  • New Music: Roni V - Confetti

Roni V is the solo project of one Roni Vadnai from Tel Aviv.  Confetti is taken from her debut EP Wild Swans, which will be released in 2017. Get on this.

Roni’s voice has an innocent seductiveness to it, sounding as sweet as honey whilst the lyrics leave a bitter and emotional aftertaste. The track owes a lot to the work of 007 composer John Barry and the Bristol trip hop sound, but it’s not derivative nor is it a pastiche. Instead it conjures up a kind of Southern Gothic charm of its own.

There’s a definite cinematic feel to the track – the Bond comparison is obvious but doesn’t really cover it – maybe more French spy thriller? Either way, it’s not the type of song that just sits in the background and the powerful instrumentation and strings coupled with Roni’s powerful delivery make this a real stand out track.

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