New Music: Roni V – Laces

  • New Music: Roni V - Laces

Laces is the third single from RNV/Roni V – the solo project of the artist Roni Vadnai from Tel Aviv. It follows on from August’s Fireflies and certainly occupies a similar musical hinterland to her previous single; but Laces takes elements of the more cinematic end of trip hop and downtempo, fuses them with Roni’s searing, soaring vocals and for dramatic effect, adds in some bruised and bruising guitar sounds.

Laces feels like the theme song to a spy film, but one where it’s the woman that gets Bond, not the other way around!

The track is taken from Roni V’s debut EP Wild Swans. which Vadnai says like Laces itself, ‘deals with love and fear, tide and silence, sparks and ashes and the bruised hearts beneath’. You can check out more of Vadnai’s music on Soundcloud, and why not check out her more visual art over on Instagram too?

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