With its nods to moody electro and euphoric trance, Cotton Candy by Canadian artist Rosemary Fairweather is a pure delight from start to finish.   

The seductive if not decadent quality to the arrangement, underpinned by the most sensuous of basslines, is the perfect foil for Fairweather’s vocal talents. More esoteric than ethereal, her voice glides across the track melting your heart like butter on a hot plate. Cotton Candy is all about having fun, enjoying life and being close, perfect for those evenings that are full of anticipation.

As for her inspiration for Cotton Candy, Fairweather had this to say: “I had recently been looking at photos of my friends who had just dyed their hair pastel pink and blue for the upcoming music festival season. I couldn’t afford tickets to join them but wanted to write them a song they could play on the drive with the windows down in their car.”

Cotton Candy is out now, to catch up with Fairweather and her music – she plans to release a single a month until her new album is released in August –  be sure to follow her on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Photo by altovenue.