Dublin’s Runah has marked the first step towards her sophomore album and follow-up to the incredibly well-received Strange by dropping the darkly eclectic and anguished folk of Beings.

The first chapter of a project to be called Mother, the track feels like it can be regarded as a both a literal expression of family but also an allegorical representation for the Earth. Coming off like a reflection on a paradise not lost, but destroyed, a controlled anger pervades the vocals, giving the steady drumbeat of the arrangement an increasing sense of menace.

With echoes of anguish and disappointment coursing through the lyrics, it’s a rousing and unsettling song. I can’t say if Beings is a lament or a call to arms; at times it feels like both, but it’s certainly an effective expression of emotion via music.

Runah’s Beings is out now and can also be streamed on Spotify. To find out more about Runah, upcoming releases and live appearances, be sure to check out her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook socials.