New Music: Rynn- Tokyo

  • New Music: Rynn- Tokyo

Imagine the upbeat future pop of Purity Ring hugging the witty and sometimes cutting wordplay of Lily Allen and you get a flavour for the sound of Rynn’s new single Tokyo.

The track seems to occupy similar territory to Lost in Translation, though it’s inspired by events in Rynn’s own life. The lyrics reflect on pain, change and rebirth in an alien environment, one where a stranger can get lost but also find themselves.

The vocals have a breathy and emotive quality to them that enhances the lyrics air of introspection, aided and abetted by an arrangement that blends the fizz of trance with the more ethereal beats of downtempo.

With an awareness of how the self evolves when presented with choices, it feels as much a voyage of discovery as it is a damn fine song.

Rynn says about the song: “Tokyo holds one of the most special places in my heart, because it was where I fell to my lowest point, but also the place of the biggest turning point which ended up shaping me the most. I knew that once I came back home things had to be different. I knew that I had to find myself and rebuild myself.”

You can also stream Tokyo on Spotify – be sure to check out her Facebook page to find out more.

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