New Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto – Energy Flow

  • New Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto - Energy Flow

Ryuichi Sakamoto has had an immense influence on the music we listen today, be it electronica to pop to ambient music and Hollywood soundtracks for blockbuster and art house films. Constantly creative yet always with an air for a melody, he has given us some wonderful music over the years, such as the timeless Energy Flow.

The track is from this classic BTTB album from 1999 which is getting a re-release this year on its twentieth anniversary.

Energy Flow sees Sakamoto eschew the electronica he was widely known for at the time, instead taking the grand piano so central to Western classical music and marrying it to a melody that conjures up images of the quietly breathing lakes and snow-capped mountains of an idealised Japan and an imagined French rural idyll.

The piano melody is simple but haunting, duetting with the sounds of rain, of water running gently, firmly, with purpose. That’s something that pervades Energy Flow as a whole, for the listener soon realises that as in nature, softness and beauty have a strength and power of their own.

It’s a style of music that’s familiar to Western listeners now, which shows how ubiquitous the sounds pioneered on BBTB have become. The album includes all the tracks featured in the original release of the album which have been remastered for the modern era.

BTTB – 20th Anniversary Edition will be released via Milan Records on March 1st, 2019 in digital, CD, and deluxe double vinyl LP formats. You can catch up with more of the legend’s music on Soundcloud and Spotify.

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