New Music: S.O.S – Bittersweet

  • New Music: S.O.S - Bittersweet

S.O.S is Sophie Debattista  a 22 year old, Anglo-Maltese artist who writes, performs and produces her own material. She has really created a distinctive sound for herself, delivering a powerful brand of husky alt.pop vocals that really compliment her rhythmical phrasing and hook-laden melodies. Her new track Bittersweet is the first single from her debut EP Edges of The Mind, which is scheduled for release in 2017.

Debattista says Bittersweet “is about a man who has dedicated so much of his life to his job, professional status and wealth that his personal life has suffered as a consequence. He believes that the only way that he can get some love and feel some emotion is by paying for it. He becomes infatuated by this girl that he arranges to see on a regular basis, even though he keeps promising himself that each time will be the last. He knows that her time is limited and when they’re done he is left feeling alone and empty inside. He longs to be back in her presence and finds himself continually falling back into temptation.”

That’s some well thought out storytelling right there. Keep an eye out for more music from this talented new artist.

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