Over the last few months, Parisian duo SACRE have embarked on a series of singles that tell an overarching story of – well, that would be telling. Listen to the latest instalment 01:00AM PINK MAMBA to explore their world.

Playful and sensual, the song carries itself along with a real French flair, making it feel as much a piece of art as a three-minute pop song. Think Les Rita Mitsouko or Yello at their prime, with a hint of compatriot Yelle, merging their wit and ear for a beat with the self-aware eroticism of Gainsbourg père ou fille and you get the frolicking flirtation that underpins the essence of what’s going on here. It’s a perfect soundtrack for seduction, in fact.

01:00AM PINK MAMBA is out now on all major digital streaming services and will feature on the upcoming Love Revolution album. For news on releases and upcoming gigs, why not follow SACRE on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?