New Music: SAGES – Heartache Is

  • New Music: SAGES - Heartache Is

Racquel Hardy is a singer / songwriter / producer from Canada who describes her sound as ‘emo dream pop’. Inviting comparison with artists like Molly Nilsson, her sound is personal and low key, as exemplified by her latest track Heartache Is, which now has a Sara May directed video.

After an almost gothic opening, shades of trip-hop linger hesitantly around the song as its minimal arrangement creates an eerie atmosphere, perfectly complimenting Hardy’s softly ethereal vocals. Like a Fever Ray track stripped of shock value, Heartache Is relies on Hardy’s vocal and lyrics to create layers of emotion and edginess.

Speaking about the track, Hardy says: “I wrote this song after a conversation with a friend about how we desire the quick fix of external attention or energy but what we really need is to go within, which can be difficult but more so fulfilling. I have a persistent heartache and when I sit quietly with it, it tells me why I’m sad and then I write a song and feel better”.

Heartache Is is out now and is the first single off SAGES’s forthcoming album HTFI (How To Fill It) which is due for release February 3rd 2018. You can check out more of SAGES music over on her Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

Photo by Cat Hardy

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