New Music: Sally Dige – Holding On

Holding On is the latest single from audio-visual artist Sally Dige and comes from the stunningly original album of the same name. Featuring her haunting, detached vocals the song utilises the faintest echoes of post-punk, darkwave and cool 80’s synth sounds to take the listener on what feels like a modern take – musically and visually – on the Berlin cabaret scene of the 1930s.

Speaking of the video, Dige talks about wanting to capture ‘the vibes of a 1970’s punk film with its’ glitzy glam, class and crass … as punk as one could get: from its DIY production, guerrilla-style locations, and cast and crew put together from friends and musicians in the Berlin scene’.

The single and its’ accompanying album are out now via DKA in the U.S. and Avant! In the EU, whilst the album is also streaming on Spotify.

Photo by Adrian Bang.

By |October 2nd, 2017|

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