Since releasing her self-titled debut album in 2016, London-based Salt Ashes has continued with her mission to bring a darker edge to electronica and dance. You can hear the fruits of that endeavour on recent single Cut You With A Kiss.

Fronted by vocals that are in turn fiery and vulnerable, and a melody that is an energy rush all of its own, Cut You With A Kiss has all the makings of a sad banger. Easy to dance to, it’s blessed with a catchy and dramatic chorus and laden with an atmosphere full of desire and danger. Add in the classic Italo male vocal making its presence known to full effect, and you’d be hard pushed not to let your inner diva have free rein to this song.

Speaking about the track, she discloses, “Cut You With A Kiss is about questioning the integrity of someone’s new girlfriend and believing that she isn’t good for them. It’s a dark place where honesty gets confused for jealousy so maybe these things shouldn’t be said out loud. Maddox Jones and I wrote the chorus for this in my bedroom and I fell in love with the catchiness of it straight away. I wrote the rest of the song when I was stuck in a hotel room in South Korea because there was a serious typhoon outside. When I got back to the UK I took it to Louis Souyave who produced it into a sonically haunted house.”

Cut You With A Kiss by Salt Ashes is out now.  You can stream the track on Spotify; head over to her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter socials for other listening options, or click here.