sandmoon is a Lebanese indie rock band led by the highly charismatic and just as highly creative Sandra Arslanian. Formed in Lebanon, the band has some thought-provoking dualities at its core, not only looking East and West culturally, but also to the past, present and future for musical inspiration. That melange is something that shines through in crystal-clear fashion on Fiery Observation.

With its seemingly impossible fusion of garage rock, Middle Eastern melodies and vocals that seem born from a swirling maelstrom of punk and folk, Fiery Observation shouldn’t really make sense. But it’s tied together by a tempestuous vocal performance and a howling guitar melody that lends the track a droning, drowning ambience. beautiful and unsettling in equal measure. Fiery Observation is a real joy to behold.

Fiery Observation is out now and is the first single from the upcoming 2nd album by sandmoon, Put a Gun/Commotion which is due to be released late 2019 / early 2020. You can find out more about the band, the album and other news from Sandmoon by heading on over to their socials including Facebook and Instagram.