We last caught up with Northampton’s Sarpa Salpa back in January when the released the title track to their new EP, Say Something. They’re back with another superb indie-electro banger, Lost Time. Watch the video, with footage from a hometown gig, below.

I’ve previously mentioned how the band shares some similarities with the likes of White Lies and Franz Ferdinand, and you can still pick up the indie dancefloor anthem vibes from Lost Time but there is a lot more going on here, musically. The song incorporates elements of sleek 80s pop/soul, some rousing chords, and a cracking chorus to imbue the track with an uplifting arrangement. The perfect accompaniment to intense yet intimate lead vocals.

You can get details on how to listen to Lost Time and the Say Something EP by checking out the band on their social media accounts, which include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The band’s upcoming tour dates may be subject to change, but don’t miss out on seeing them if you get the opportunity.