It’s the third blog appearance of 2020 for Northampton quintet Sarpa Salpa. On the back of Lost Time and Say Something, they return with the very personal anthem that is Stick To What You Know.

The song’s title is somewhat deceiving because the track is very much about having the desire to follow your dream and sticking to it. High energy from the opening seconds, it’s a slick and infectious take on indie-electro, as easy to enjoy on the dancefloor as it will be in a live setting. The vocals and lyrics are a call to arms, while the quintet serves up a powerhouse sound that seems engineered to get your feet moving and your fist punching the air in joy.

Frontman Marcus Marooth says Stick To What You Know is about defying the pressure to follow a traditional career path. “It’s about finding something that you love and pursuing it with everything you’ve got. There is a lot of pressure in society to find a job, settle down, then rinse and repeat. This track is about not settling for that 9-5 job you hate for the rest of your life. Something that’s proved more than testing for everyone in 2020.”

You can catch up with Sarpa Salpa and find other listening options for Stick To What You Know over on the band’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter socials, or follow this link to their artist profiles.

The band will be touring the UK in March 2021, with dates in Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, and London already on the slate.