New Music: Sasha & The Bear – Captain’s Ship

  • New Music: Sasha & The Bear - Captain's Ship

Sasha & The Bear is the project of singer-songwriter-producer and multi-instrumentalist Dov Eagle who is now based in Brooklyn but grew up in Tel-Aviv. He incorporates the work and creative inspiration of singers and artists from around the world, to great effect. Using snippets of Donald Trump’s infamous ‘Make America Great Again’ speech, Captain’s Ship features the vocals of Sasha Daniel and combines emotive lyrics and Middle Eastern influenced percussion with at times uncomfortable visuals to create a somewhat twisted love story.  The track is political and poppy, strong samples sitting comfortably alongside the mellowest vocals, guitar and electronica. The video for Captain’s Ship contains nudity and strong images but no bears.

After living with his with a left-wing political activist, guitar-teaching mother and being released from both the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) and the closet, Eagle began his life adventure, traveling the world and exposing himself to different cultures, people, and opinions, before eventually settling down in New York where he began to hone his musical and political vision in earnest.

Filmed and directed by the award-winning director Roy Raz (Best French Music Video 2011) the video depicts the romance of two young lovers in a non-western setting, during the recent election campaign and Trump’s shock victory.

Discussing the video Raz explains “I remember listening to the song several times on the day Trump won and all I could see was a sinking ship, the words all of a sudden felt connected to what is happening to the US.” Perhaps this metaphor of a captain’s ship destined to sink with Trump at the helm is an astute musing on the uncertainty and nervousness felt worldwide.

If you like what you hear, check out more of Eagle’s work over on Spotify.

Photo by Oscar Ouk.

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