SBKO1’s work examines the blurring boundaries between humanity and technology, and what we are losing (and gaining) as a result. A weighty concept for sure, but it produces beautiful music like Control.

The track has an attention-grabbing opening: 80’s style percussion gives way to a crystal-clear, majestic vocal that carries an aura similar to Kate Bush. Pop, rock, or folk, it’s hard to fix it in any particular place, as is if it exists outside time. Similarly, though the song does refer back to the genre-busting sounds of the 80’s and early 90’s, Control has a confidence, reflective nature, and innate vitality to it that feels very much of the moment.

She says about the track, “The song was inspired by the idea of fear and its power. How it can grip you, twist ideas to make bad decisions, and create illogical reactive action. Through repetition, the song represents our minds going over and over the same ideas, moving to break free from errors and the fear of control.”

Control can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms – you can find details on SBK01’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter socials.