A curious but very pleasing creation, the debut single from SCHWARZ takes some downtempo influences and turns them into something more personal, melodic and quietly magnificent on Outside Looking In.

A gentle pulsating bassline duets with the soft urgency of the vocals, giving the track an overt indie-electro vibe, but avoids the temptation to become an empty anthem by directing the listener’s focus to the insightful lyrics and a melody that exudes quiet reassurance and radiates warmth.

SCHWARZ – aka singer and producer Roland Meyer de Voltaire – says the track explores the question:  ‘How much can you cater to societal expectations without compromising your personal freedom?’

“I thought I couldn’t make a living with music alone, so I took on a job for a few years. At one point I started looking at myself from the outside and thought: what are you doing?”

He decided to follow his passion for music and Outside Looking In justifies that decision in spades.

The song is also streaming on Spotify and major digital outlets – be sure to check him out on Facebook and Twitter for news on this and more releases.

Photo by Ben Wolf