Cool Bikini Cool is the latest release from Danish duo Schwarze Fiktion. Teaming up with sound designer Christian Skjødt and producer Carsten Heller, their goal – successful here – is to produce music that is punchy and powerful. Watch the video to discover more.

A hard and frenetic EBM-style intro soon gives way to a sound that is more melodious, but just as urgent. A pounding bassline drives the track along with hypnotic intensity, something that enhances the dreamlike atmosphere of the lead vocals. With a hint of melancholy and regret permeating throughout, Cool Bikini Cool has a human core under the motorik, mesmerising world it establishes. It’s a stunningly immersive and inventive song from the Danish duo.

As to the themes behind the lyrics behind Cool Bikini Cool, singer Bo Skjelmose says: “We explore the relationship between young people through momentary depictions of their intense, restless and explosive existence and their addiction to each other. Cool Bikini Cool is the first glimpse of Schwarze Fiktion’s fictive universe that depicts technology’s influence on people’s emotional lives. I get a lot of inspiration for the lyrics from recollections of my own youth which I then interpret as an older version of me.”

Schwarze Fiktion are due to play Roskilde on the 20th of May, check their Facebook, Instagram pages for more details. Cool Bikini Cool is out now can be streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud and other digital platforms.