Parisian pop maverick Sébastien Tellier doesn’t respect rules or boundaries – musical or otherwise. From working with Sofia Coppola to appearing on the Eurovision Song Contest as well as in his own career, he certainly defies convention. You can very much hear that unique vision shine through on A Ballet.

Singing here in English, his mystic vocal style lends the already psychedelic tones of the song a dreamlike veneer. The lyrics are both eloquent and witty, with the song title being a pun on the French word “balai” – a broom. You can hear the honeyed tones of Zero 7 and Air flowing through the song, but Tellier applies his keen eye for the abstract and the absurd to delicious effect on A Ballet.

He has this to say about the song: “I am inclined to escape my responsibilities but these days they tend to catch up to me. Domestic tasks and mental load invite me to dance their never-ending ballet. Little by little, I allow myself to enjoy it. And I ask myself: maybe the key to happiness is there, hidden under a dirty laundry basket?”

You can find out more about A Ballet by checking out Sébastien Tellier on Instagram, Facebook, and of course, Twitter. You can listen to or download the song on Bandcamp and Spotify, follow this link to find out more. Tellier plays La Cigale à Paris on the 11th of May.