Shawn Magill and Joey Noga found common musical cause when they met at a Cashmere Cat concert, and from there discovered a shared love for synthpop and deep bass lines. From that, SECRECIES and their divine electronica, as found on new single Life We Live, was born.

Though essentially electronic in nature, there’s a very organic feel to the Life We Live. That’s in large part down to the hushed, unhurried sensuality of the vocal interplay between Magill and Noga, bubbling with positivity and an innocent charm. As you listen on, you feel like you’re privy to people exposing their vulnerabilities and emotions to each other and the world, backed by a chilled arrangement that knows its role is to let the vocals shine bright.

Life We Live features on the band’s eponymous debut album which is out now via Idol Records and can be streamed on Spotify. You can find out more about the album and other news from SECRECIES by checking out their Facebook and Instagram accounts.