Shawn Magill and Joey Noga say they met in 2017 at a Cashmere Cat concert in Deep Ellum Texas, and their shared love of music quickly led to not only to Secrecies, but also a record deal. Want to know why? Watch the video for So Quickly and you’ll soon know.

The harmonies are a real joy, not what you’d expect on such a dark, electronic track. With voices that remind me of Jane Birkin and Baxter Dury, both vocal performances have a touching but hard to define sensibility to them. Slightly urban but looking at the wide vistas beyond the city and the edges of the soul, they’re beautiful in their own right.

The slowly pulsating electronica veers into futurepop and full-blown synthpop at times, but the melancholic undertones to the arrangement and lyrics make sure that although you can sing along to So Quickly, you might not actually want to!

As for the genesis of the track it came from an unusual source: roadkill! ‘So Quickly is about how fleeting life can be, how we protect and cover ourselves from really being seen, and what and who we leave behind. In our live set we pair this song with insect visuals like bees swarming a hive, a praying mantis eating something, a butterfly hatching from a cocoon. These are creatures with short lives, filled with energy and violence. In the scope of the universe our own human lives don’t last much longer than insects. So, what and who do we choose to focus on while we are here? How will you be remembered?’

So Quickly is out now via Idol Records, if you want to keep up with upcoming gigs, new music and more from Secrecies, be sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.