Lena, the singer of Asheville deathrock band Secret Shame says her and fellow members Nathan (drums), Matthew (bass), Billie (guitar) and Ryynikki (lead guitar) pride themselves on their uncompromising sonic and lyrical approach to music. It’s still open and welcoming through, as you can hear on Dark.

The sound seems inspired but not overwhelmed by that early 80s UK milieu that found expression in the post-punk positivity that imbued the Yorkshire goth scene. Think Skeletal Family and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, swirling guitars and vocals that come from the singer’s heart and soul.

Drenched in mood and substance, art and artifice, light and dark, the song doesn’t live in the past. It celebrates it for sure, but there’s a sense of confidence and purpose, a modern sheen and a sense of needing to be a message, not just send one, that shines through in every moment of Dark.

Dark will feature on the band’s upcoming debut full-length Dark Synthetics, which up for pre-order in CD and cassette formats on Bandcamp. Be sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook accounts to find out more about the track, the band and upcoming live dates.