New Music: Secret Weapons – My Blue Heaven

  • New Music: Secret Weapons - My Blue Heaven

New York duo Secret Weapons combine the dark and youthful themes of hope, struggle, and yearning with gripping synth and guitar driven rock music. They met in high school and the band say they are influenced by a range of musical styles from the likes of rock gods such as Queen and The Killers to the more electronic leanings of acts like Depeche Mode and Daft Punk.

They combine those classic influences with pop and gospel hooks to produce instantly memorable pop anthems like My Blue Heaven.

After a brief enforced absence due to singer Gerry Lange’s recent illness, the duo has returned triumphantly with a new album as the setting sun comes crashing down on me from which My Blue Heaven is lifted. The album and single are out now with both streaming on Spotify, and the band are currently touring too – you can find out more here.

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