I’ve always loved music, I’ve loved going to shows since I was a young teen – not just big shows, but the smaller ones too. Especially the smaller ones. This is an evolving, regularly updated playlist featuring some of the best underground acts on the UK electronic scene right now.

My local art centre used to put on punk gigs in the back room in the mid to late 90s, and we’d sneak our underage selves in with a bit of moxy and a lot of luck.

I loved the music coming out of indie labels like Wasp Factory back in the early 2000s, and the memories I have of some of those shows will stay with me for a lifetime. It’s those smaller, more intimate gigs which bring people together, and really make something feel like a community.

The atmosphere I find happening in the grassroots electronic music scene in the UK right now exactly echoes that sentiment. There’s a closeness, a friendliness, and a lack of ego, that is incredibly refreshing in the music world.

Fans and artists mingle happily, established musicians share knowledge and collaborate with less experienced newcomers, and there’s a real sense that everyone just wants everyone else to succeed.

Most significantly, it’s an active, evolving environment. No waiting three or four years for an act to bring out a new song, or five years between opportunities to see them play live. These are artists who share, who play, who perform. Artists you can hear fresh output from regularly, and more importantly, who you can – and definitely should – go and see.