Sweden’s Shadi G makes music that’s a rich and smooth take on RnB style, but with an experimental edge to it. That flawless fusion is to the fore on new single Mind. Check it out below.

Giving classic 70s/80s soul and RnB a Scandinavian twist, Mind is pure joy. A feisty summer jam of a song, Shadi’s vocal delivery is as smooth as crushed velvet, wrapping itself around some luscious strings, a tight beat, and a sparse yet dreamy production. There’s a confident tone that comes more to the fore as the track progresses, mirroring the journey in the lyrics, giving the song real emotional weight.

Mind is out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Spotify. Be sure to check her out over on Facebook or Instagram to get details on the song, as well as news about live dates, upcoming releases and much more.

Photo by Hilda Randluv