I have to say upfront that I was deeply afraid of Shmoos as a child, The New Shmoo even more so. They wanted to be eaten and would throw themselves in a frying pan!  As a result I was a bit wary when I was introduced to the concept of a Shmoo or two making music. I’m glad I overcame my wariness as  I’d have missed out on Shmoo who are now releasing their third single, following up  Ghost and Plastic Surgery with the infectious and sublime Head To Toe.

The track romps along with an analogue bass line, gleefully pilfering inspiration from the  wry pop of Hot Chip, the dance floor oomph of Daft Punk and the motorik sensibility of Kraftwerk and Can. Ladel on some of the rock swagger of Kasabian and that just about gives you Head To Toe.

The track is instantly catchy, with hooks and leads galore and has a story video that sets itself and Head To Toe on a different level to most pop songs doing the rounds right now.

Head To Toe is released on May 27th via OnOn Recordings, is currently streaming via Soundcloud. The bands previous releases can be streamed via Spotify and I’d recommend checking them out.