Shy FX is best known for his legendary experiments in drum and bass, but with Rudeboy he’s thrown us a real musical curveball – and a real gamechanger!

New on the AnalogueTrash blog:

The presence of both Sweetie Irie and Cara Delevingne might sound on paper to be a real culture clash, but it’s not the case.

The jousting between his dancehall rhythms and her more featherlike tones is warm and invigorating, with London’s East End original rudeboy meeting an archetypal West End girl and getting on like a house on fire.

But it’s the track itself that’s a real eyeopener, soft at heart and gently swaying, hinting more towards a cottage in Negril than a sweaty Vauxhall night club. Little about it is what you’d expect a Shy FX track to sound like, but it’s still so very him. A very pleasant and pleasing conundrum.

Rudeboy is now streaming on Spotify all major digital platforms – check out his Facebook and Twitter for more details.