Oakland’s Silence In The Snow is a collaboration between guitarist/vocalist Cyn M. and drummer Trevor DeSchryver (Wolves in the Throne Room, Lycus, Dispirit, ex-Deafheaven). The track record of DeSchryver won’t prepare you for the sounds of Smoke Signals but that adds another layer to the surprising beauty it embodies.

The track wears it influences on its sleeve and does so with considerable confidence and charm. Rooted in a musical period where the raw faux-amateurism of punk was giving way to a preference for musicianship, experimentalism and a passion for dressing in black but seeing the light in life.

Tribal drums, piercing synths and vocals pitched between the drama of Siouxie Sioux and the abrasive charm of Anne-Marie Hurst all show that echoes to the past are there, but wrapped up in a modern, stylishly calm ambience.

Smoke Signals features on the upcoming Levitation Chamber which will be released July 26th on Prophecy Productions. The album will be available in gatefold LP and CD Digipak, as well as on all major digital platforms. The band’s Break In The Skin album will be re-released at the same time, also in LP and, for CD format.