We’ve covered Norway’s Simen Mitlid late last year with his track Reality Tsar, and now he’s back on the blog with Murders. The song is the third single from his upcoming Birds album, which is scheduled for release this fall.

Mitlid balances mood and melody perfectly on Murders. Gentle is the byword for this indie-folk gem, though with a resolute edge provided by the percussion. The vocals are upfront without being demanding on the ear, while the chiming, caressing nature of the arrangement makes this the perfect soundtrack for daydreams and thinking of days past.

Talking about the track, which you can also check out on Bandcamp, Simen Mitlid says it “expresses memories of friendship, family, doubt and loss bound together by the consistent sense of longing.”

You can get details on how to listen to Murders by checking out Simen Mitlid’s socials, which include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The Birds LP will be released via Koke Plate.