Whoami is the title track from the new album by Greek electronica producer SKAUSS. Shrouding themselves in mystery, they let their very fine music do the talking for them.

With its sublime, gothic take on electro, Whoami certainly stands out from the crowd. Ploughing a similar musical furrow to the likes of IAMX and In Strict Confidence, it takes a rock constructs and layers on a moody, yet danceable aesthetic. That confidence is contrasted with the introspection and doubt expressed in the lyrics, but the song is an assured and bold statement for SKAUSS. Guest vocals from Eva Yoxx add a sense of sensuality and danger, jousting with the icy synths and giving Whoami a wonderful sense of drama, anguish and mystery.

Whoami the track and album can be streamed on Spotify, Bandcamp and all major digital platforms. You can get more information and news about the release by checking out SKAUSS’ Twitter, Facebook  and Instagram feeds.

SKAUSS say there’s a second album hidden inside the first, which sounds intriguing, so their YouTube playlist warrants some close attention.