SLEEPLUST is a Los Angeles based quartet comprising of twin brothers Michael (guitars) and Joseph (bass guitar) Pepe, Amber Ruthe (vocals) and Sarah Luffred (drums). They each bring disparate musical influences such as rock, electronica, post-punk and hip-hop to the table resulting in an edgy yet melodic fusion, something that shines through brightly in new single, Unfiltered.

Opening in a deceptively light manner, Ruthe’s vocals and the subtle yet lush electronica draw the listener in, softening them up for the emotional and heartfelt lyrics.

The lead guitar imbues the song with a quietly anthemic ambiance, leaving the listener feeling like they’ve accompanied the band on an intense yet rewarding musical journey, one which leaves behind a sense of pride in surviving.

The band had this to say about the meaning behind the song’s lyrics; “Unfiltered is about how we only show people our highlight reels through social media. Digging deep and really getting to know someone, beyond all of the shimmery parts, builds a concrete foundation and enriches the lives of both parties. It’s an anthem screaming that it’s okay to open up and show more of what’s really going on because everyone is way more similar than they think and they aren’t alone. Connect in the flesh and swap battle stories while showcasing your scars”.

Unfiltered is out now and is the third single from the band’s upcoming EP. You can catch up with the track on Spotify and iTunes. The band has some live dates scheduled in Los Angeles over the coming weeks, you can find out more over on their Facebook page.