Hailing from the North East of the UK, SLEEPTAPE display an unerring ability to take elements of post-punk, alt rock and stadium anthems and meld them in to something personal yet rousing on the impressive Midnight.

Lyrically dark but musically full of confidence and light, the track balances those thematic strands with ease. The vocals of Jonathan Lott have a real sense of humanity to them, personalising the lyrics, making the uncomfortable message seem understandable and relatable.

The driving rhythm section and powerful lead guitar pull the track in different emotional directions in tune with the lyrics, giving the band an Editors-like ability to take the most intimate moments and make the feel universal.

Speaking about the motivation behind Midnight, the band had this to say: ‘The song talks about looking for self-validation or self-gratification through going out drinking and enabling the darker sides of a persona, projecting a false over-confident version of yourself.’

Midnight is out now, streaming on Spotify. To find out more about the band including live dates, check out their socials on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.