Featuring on their most recent album The Pact, L.A. based Slothrust will be releasing the perfect Peach as a single on May 3rd – there’s a super cute Jason Lester directed video for the track out now however.

A prime example of the quiet-loud-quiet sound, dirty riffs and epic guitar solos are challenged for supremacy by Leah’s vocals. Angelic one minute, raw the next, they channel and push the song forward with a brash brio. Wry lyrics complete the package, one where pop-punk meets the Pixies for a potential dust up, but instead choose to be friends against the world, and we’re all the better for it.

The Pact is out now via Dangerbird Records, you can catch up with news about the single, gigs and more by checking out the band’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Photo by Doug De Young