New Music: Solidarity Hymn – For a Wandering Beam of Sun

  • New Music: Solidarity Hymn - For a Wandering Beam of Sun

Solidarity Hymn is an American ambient electronic duo comprising of Andy Othling and Steven Kemner. After touring together with their separate projects (Lowercase Noises and Hotel Neon respectively), the duo decided to get together for a week and see what would happen – and the resulting album is rather beautiful. Check out the title track below.

For a Wandering Beam of Sun has captured the essence, the abstract notion of ambient music perfectly. There’s that surface layer of slow, almost unchanging sounds, ebbing and flowing like an ocean on a distant world.

The synths create a feeling of time moving at a very different pace, as if the laws of time do not apply. But a glimpse under the surface of the track reveals deep textures and patterns, like a shoal of fish darting about, looking past the whole shows so much detail; multiple musical layers and intricate rhythms all making for a sublime and rewarding listen.

For a Wandering Beam of Sun is out now and comes from the duo’s full-length debut album of the same name. It’s due out May 18th and will be available in both digital and vinyl formats. You can find out more on the Solidarity Hymn Bandcamp page.

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