New Music: Solomon Grey – Closed Door

Joe Wilson and Tom Kingston have a varied musical career, the long-time friends and classically-trained musicians are well known for composing scores for film and TV as well as being Solomon Grey. After critical acclaim for their soundtrack for BBC drama The Last Post, the duo is back with another track; Closed Door and a new album called Human Music.

The track perfectly blends three of the dominant strands in their musical output; low- key electronica, sweeping classical influences and the utilisation of the arrangement to heighten and accentuate emotions. In fact, the band say the process of creating The Last Post in terms of sound is very much based on the instruments used, such as a CS-80 synth.

It adds a strange atmosphere to the track and album, a sense of dislocation and loss which ties in with overall theme of the works. Joe’s mother Sandy was diagnosed with a brain tumour and given three months to live and the album follows and accompanies her on her journey which culminated with a visit to a Dignitas clinic in Switzerland.

Solomon Grey explain, “The album is fundamentally about exploring loss and finding out how integral it is to life. That’s where it started for us but as with all of these things it can mean whatever you want it to.”

Closed Door is out now and can be streamed on the band’s Spotify page and their upcoming album Human Music which is out now via Mercury KX Records. You can find out more about listening to the album by following this link. The band are touring on the back of the album’s release and you can find out more on their social media, including Facebook.

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