London based singer/songwriter/producer Sølv styles her music as ‘alternative ambient pop with a dark edge’, and that is a fair summation of her superior take on an RNB infused sound, as exemplified on All to You. Check out the self-directed 80s art house influenced video for the track below.

Cinematic and seductive but with an air of danger, All to You is a real treat both aurally and visually. Taking some popular musical tropes, but fashioning them in to something fresh and exciting, the slow unfolding nature of the song feels filmic, as the plot is slowly revealed in all its noirish glory.

Decadent and deliciously soulful, it really gets under the skin as it deconstructs the effects being stuck in limbo within a toxic relationship.

All to You is out now and features on the Codeine EP which you can stream on Spotify.