Back in August, we featured the delightful Heavy Weather from London-based Dane SØLV. Her new single Colour / Somehow also caught us in its musical web; listen below and you’ll soon know why.

SØLV describes herself as someone who is “making songs in my room,” but there’s nothing home-made sounding about Colour / Somehow. A lush production is laden with atmosphere, full of a brooding, RNB ambience that sets the scene for a heartache-inducing vocal style. Rich as velvet but with a thread of vulnerability running through it, SØLV brings an intricate and highly poignant air to the song, patiently taking the listener’s emotional defences apart to considerable effect.

SØLV says about the lyrics: “Colour / Somehow delves into the tangibility of living in the present when you constantly crave more. Never satisfied and not feeling quite good enough – a true product of the Gen-Z mentality and the consumption of all we are conditioned to desire. It explores the ability to question the outcome of such feelings, but does this make living easier or harder?”

Colour / Somehow by SØLV is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms – click here for more information. Head over to her InstagramFacebook, or Twitter socials for more details on listening to the song and keeping up to date with news about the artist and upcoming releases.