Over five years in the making, and with the likes of Thor Harris (SWANS) and J.R. Bohannon (Ancient Ocean) on board, you’d expect Sondra Sun-Odeon’s sophomore album Desyre to be something special. One listen to Drowning Man: An Invocation for the Demise of Patriarchy and you’re sure to be entranced by its dark energy .

Sun-Odeon says the song was written ‘during the Kavanaugh hearings in reflection of the #MeToo movement — it imagines a world where a collective female rage decimates the remnants of patriarchy allowing the emergence of a new utopia.’

You can pick up the intoxicating blend of anger and energy that comes through in every second of the track, which comprises of three individual movements and clocks in at over eight minutes. A brooding and boisterous piece laden with reverb and atmosphere, it’s taken to greater heights by vocals that mirror the lyrical and emotional intensity of artists like Nick Cave and PJ Harvey. Less a track you listen to, more one you need to allow to overwhelm your senses; just lose yourself in its ability to create a wall of sound and fast-evolving imagery.

Drowning Man: An Invocation for the Demise of Patriarchy and Desyre are out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Bandcamp. Be sure to check out Sun-Odeon on her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter socials for news about the song, upcoming releases and more.