SONICONOCLASM (compromising Sebastian Purfürst and Markus F.C.Buhl) are a Berlin based experimental hip hop / electronica duo who have recently released their debut album of the same name. The band have dropped a superb video for the track Broken Motor which is featured on the album – watch it here.

The lyrics to Broken Motor are  cut-ups of army radio slang phrases, deliberately distorting and eroding in their meanings.  The video comprises of close shots of 25 perfect strangers, filmed at night lip-syncing to the lyrics on the streets of Berlin. It’s simple, cool and very effective. Through the use of the cut-up samples and some clever visual tricks, the music and images combine to get across what the band feel is the loss of individuality and diversity in modern culture even in cities like Berlin. The band themselves are behind the making of the video which explains why music and visuals work so well together.

For me, Broken Motor occupies a rather sweet musical spot between Massive Attack and early Nine Inch Nails, managing to accessible but with a dark and menacing edge. Brilliant stuff.