New Music: Sophia Somajo – Amphetamine

  • New Music: Sophia Somajo - Amphetamine

Swedish artist Sophia Somajo is someone you may not have heard of, but you’ll probably have heard her work in collaborations with the likes of Max Martin. Though Somajo has previously released two albums, it is only now that her own musical output shines in its’ own right; and with her no longer hiding behind pseudonyms, she has come up with a classic pop song in Amphetamine.

Somajo’s voice has the classic Scandinavian sound, with the richness of Robyn and the archness of Karin Dreijer Andersson. The track is an anthemic ballad, with emotive vocals, brooding electronica and lyrics that make you feel you are listening to someone bear her soul to you, Amphetamine has a depth and feel to it that is generally lacking in music these days. She doesn’t divulge who she has written for it the past, but can probably guess when you listen to this!

Amphetamine is feature on the mini-album Freudian Slip which is available to stream on Spotify and to buy via all major digital stores.

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