With her Arteries EP due for release this September via Wonderwild Records, Provo, Utah-based musician Sophie Blair impressed us with the sad banger goodness of Air I Breathe. Check out the song below.

There’s a hint of sadness to vocals and arrangement that gives what seems to be a love song a bit of a twist. Having all the ingredients of an electro banger, instead it takes a more mid-tempo and equally effective route into your heart. The song occupies a similar musical and lyrical territory to Robyn and Lykke Li, as like them, Blair gives electropop a sense of purpose and meaning.

Blair gave us this insight into the lyrics of the song, “Air I Breathe is probably the most honest love song I’ve written. It’s all true—no sugarcoating, no fabricating—and it is in all of its ferocious depth about the very real, very lovely, very all-encompassing way I feel about my lover.

I see different images in this song—looking out over LA from the top of a parking garage—falling asleep in my clothes night after night as we stay up talking—the feeling of frenetic tumbling in hyper-speed down something so wild and thrilling and for me, new: loving someone in a safe way. Prior to this, all I’d felt was chaos, uncertainty, anxiety, and fear in relationships. This felt new, feels like home; feels like everything. I wanted to write about that feeling.”

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