New Music: Sorry Girls – This Game

  • New Music: Sorry Girls - This Game

Sorry Girls are an up-and-coming Dream Pop duo from Montreal, consisting of singer/songwriter Heather Kirkpatrick and producer/songwriter Dylan Konrad Obront. They describe themselves as being heavily influenced by early, spooky, ethereal 80s pop as well as 60s Motown; and their new track This Game showcases those influences perfectly.

Kirkpatrick has the most amazing, and expressive voice I’ve heard in quite a while. It sounds truly real, if that makes sense, and the emotion she carries in her vocal performance really connects with the listener.

It’s hard to think of an adequate comparison for Sorry Girls, but musically they inhabit what is for me a least a warm, happy place between Austra and Arcade Fire. Those of you out there who remember and loved the great, underrated Canadian band The Organ will find real solace in Sorry Girls’ music.

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