New Music: Spontaneous Respiration – Balls Trump All

  • New Music: Spontaneous Respiration - Balls Trump All

San Francisco by means of everywhere trio Spontaneous Respiration channel a heavily experimental sound, drawing from acts like Aphex Twin, Bjork and Sufjan Stevens.  With a little bit of Industrial and rock thrown in to the mix, you get an unsettling sonic beauty like Balls Tump All.

Compromising of Victoria Onyeabor, Andrew Jones and Ben Marcus, the band also fuses left-field I.D.M, alternative rock and electronica to create a vibe akin to a modern Throbbing Gristle – less harsh tonally but still disconcerting in their use of sound and repetition to waylay the listener. Balls Trump All isn’t background music, it a bit overwhelming at times, but it’s certainly a rewarding listen.

The track is from their upcoming album Down With Words which is due out June 9th, and while you’re waiting for that, you can check out more of the bands’ previous releases on Spotify or Bandcamp.

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