New Music: Spooky and the Bear – Music Box

  • New Music: Spooky and the Bear - Music Box

Based in New York, Spooky and the Bear are Italian DJ and composer Marco Dianese (MD-Bear) and Texan, keyboardist, and vocalist Nina Varner (Spooky Electric).  Their collaboration results in a sound that can best be described as gothic soul – have a listen to Music Box to hear why.

With some post punk nuances lushly filtered through an electronic lense, with the occasional dark Italo / dark wave washing over the arrangement, it captures a certain sense of desolation and dislocation. It swirls and swaggers along, with all the air of someone walking alone on the streets at night, hyperawareness of their own choices the only defence against a confusing world.

Varner says that in the lyrics she wanted to express ‘feelings of how life can be repetitive, the same song again and again but it’s up to us to take control and make our lives the song we want to sing’.

Her voice is as warm and earthy as the arrangement, augmenting the sensation that the track surpasses its grounding in electronica to become something more human, more personal, more beautiful.

Music Box
is out now and comes from the band’s Take Control 3 track EP which you can catch up with on Bandcamp, Spotify and all major digital platforms.

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