Back in June, we covered The Cheek by Dublin’s Sprints, and they are back again with another song produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox. Watch the video for Drones below.

At the intro, taut percussion is soon joined by a fuzzy bassline and a high-wire lead guitar before vocalist Karla Chubb makes her explosive entrance, shifting the song into a wilder, more frenetic gear. The song does have that blend of street poetry and pure noise that you hear from Fontaines DC and Girl Band, but Sprints push the envelope a lot here. Think the barely controlled mayhem of The Birthday Party and the dark, dub imagining of Bauhaus, all fuelled by a wave of unbridled emotion like you’d hear in Idles or Sleaford Mods; Drones is vibrant and perfectly crafted rock music.

Vocalist Karla says about the song, “Drones is very literally about my struggles with imposter syndrome. I think being a female in music, I struggle a lot with feeling like I have something to prove. It’s not okay for me to just be good, I have to be great. I have to prove constantly why I am deserving to be on the stage or holding that guitar or that microphone. That pressure can be very difficult to deal with, and I think a lot of the times you doubt yourself then, am I actually able to write? Or is this all shit? Drones is about my experiences with dealing with this pressure but realising that a lot of people have these struggles. The bars fill, the car parks fill, life seems to go on and on, and we can become so focused internally on our issues that you don’t realise that maybe while I was wishing I was someone else, they’re also wishing the same thing.”

You can also stream Drones, which is out now via Nice Swan, on Spotify. Be sure to check out Sprints on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to discover more about the band, their music, and a series of UK and Ireland dates next year. We already have tickets for the Manchester gig in May!