Dublin-based quartet Sprints seemed destined to follow in the footsteps of fellow Fontaines DC, Girl Band, and Silverbacks. In fact, new single The Cheek was produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox. You can listen to it below.

The song shows a band ready to hold their own against the luminaries of the Dublin wave of post-punk. Sprints lean more to the punk bit of that equation, having a bit more sass about them, coming across as loud, confident, and streetwise. Every element of this song fires on all cylinders; it’s the sound of a band that knows they’ve got what it takes and are going to make sure you know that. Yes, the subject matter is deadly serious, but the band doesn’t lecture the listener, instead they seek to inspire. The Cheek is about defiance, pride, believing in yourself, and not taking any shit from bar room wits and wannabe Lotharios. This song should be an essential part of your plans if you’re going to be on the streets a lot this summer.

The full-on nature of the track is undoubtedly fuelled by the inspiration for the lyrics. Says vocalist Karla, “As a person who is bisexual, your experiences can be difficult. You’re not gay enough, you’re not straight enough, you can be over-sexualised or demonised, I’m going to bed or I’m going to hell. People of any gender identity or sexuality will face criticism and pigeon holing based on their label. Whether it’s being told I wouldn’t have been kissed did they know I was bi, or being asked would I do a threesome, having your ass grabbed and your space invaded – this is my big fuck you to all those people. Thematically it is all centres around my experience of sexual assault, unsolicited advances and sexuality as a whole. It’s raw, personal and high energy because it’s a song that is all about venting frustrations. “

The Cheek is out now via Bandcamp and other outlets, so be sure to check the band out over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with news from the band, upcoming releases, and hopefully live dates in the near future.