New Music: Stage Republic – Frailty

  • New Music: Stage Republic - Frailty

Dutch band Stage Republic formed in 2013 and describe their sound as having a hint of the 80s, but their music is very much in the here and now in terms of sound, style and production; all resulting in accomplished, engaging music that combines hints of rock with electronica. A chance event whilst in America led to the creation of their latest single Frailty, which you can hear below.

The first thing that stands out about the track is the warm clarity that permeates the song – Raven’s vocals have a rich emotional intensity and wonderful range, giving a human edge to the subtle and complex electronica that provides the bedrock for the soaring chorus.

Musically, it marries the fragile beauty heard in the work of De/Vision with the driving electro-rock sound of bands like Blaqk Audio. Uniting all that however, is a pop sensibility that weaves its way through every strand of the track, making Frailty a rare gem.

Raven, the front man of Stage Republic writes this about Frailty: ‘In July of this year, I got into a conversation with the couple sitting next to us in a New York steak restaurant. Only when I had returned to my hotel I found out that the great guy I had been talking to was legendary engineer and record producer Jay Messina (Aerosmith/Supertramp/KISS/Miles Davis)’.

Four months of working together has resulted in Frailty, which the band wrote and recorded in The Netherlands, and mastered by Jay Messina at his West End Sound Studio in New York’.

Frailty is out now, streaming on Spotify and iTunes. You can find out more about the band on the official website.

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