New Music: Steppenkind – Beneath The Ground

  • New Music: Steppenkind - Beneath The Ground

Berlin-based trio Steppenkind (Irish vocalist Brendan Cleary, alongside German musicians Can Winter and Hotte Schulz) have a knack of taking old sounds and twisting them in to something new and exciting, as Beneath The Ground, the latest single from their current album shows.

Cleary’s warm Irish accent and descriptive spoken word lyrics are a perfect foil for the more motorik, post-punk leanings of the track.

It leaves the listener with the sense that the band are creating their own reality, a world where Patrick Kavanagh and Blixa Bargeld drink to excess in a gloomy Weimar cabaret club, fuelling a singular, defiant musical vision.

Beautiful and unsettling in equal measure, Beneath The Ground shows that there is light in the darkest sounds and moments.

Beneath The Ground is taken from the album Walk Along Your River which is available on Bandcamp.

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